Holy Week

Dear Friends,

By the end of the third century it had become the practice of the faithful to observe with special intention the seven days before Easter. Over time, this observance became known as Holy Week.

Holy Week is a practice of Christian formation. In it, we remember and enter into the days and moments of Jesus in Jerusalem, culminating in his final journey to the cross.

Holy Week begins on Palm Sunday, March 20. But even now, I invite you in. I invite you into the walk with Jesus to the cross; a walk that does not, of course, end at the cross, but goes through it…to an empty tomb and the declaration that makes life new every day, and ever since: “The Lord is Risen!”

I bid you a Holy Week that is rich, and full, and encouraging, and provocative. I pray the story may challenge comfortable assumptions. I pray it calls each of us into greater connection with God, others, and the world. And I pray it may assure you of God’s deepest promises of a never-ending life so powerful, and colorful, and meaningful that it can only be described as “eternal.”




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