We’re asking one another to consider prayerfully making a financial commitment to our common life in 2019. Below are some responses to frequently asked questions regarding pledging and giving.

Thanks for taking a few minutes with these. Please feel free to be in touch at 512-695-2803 or paul@ecclt.org if you have any questions.

What is a pledge?
A pledge is our estimate of our financial support of the ECC in 2019.

Why pledge?
We ask one another to pledge so that we can create a responsible spending plan for 2019.

Do I have to pledge or give money to be part of the ECC?
No. We hope all of us will give. We think the purposes to which God is calling us are worth our support. We think it is good for our souls to make some financial offering to support our common life. We think God does good things in every act of giving and generosity. But neither giving nor pledging is at all a requirement to be part of our common life.

How much should I pledge?
In conversation with God and our households, we determine what we’re called to give to strengthen our own walk of faith and trust in God. Be in conversation with God and the members of your household around this question. We go to God with the question. We humbly ask the Lord for guidance. We then test with our household the answer God is giving us. The ECC certainly has financial needs. We do not, however, determine our giving on the basis of need. We determine it on the basis of what we’re called to give for the sake of our own walk.

Whatever answer you are given is a good and godly answer. The Lord will guide you in this decision, and will not lead you astray. We seek obedience. And every time we seek obedience…including in our decision about pledging and giving…the Lord smiles. And we, the Church of the Cross, celebrate every offering.

If one is looking for more tangible guidance, consider this: Two good signs we are giving as the Lord would intend us to give are that we feel that we’ve stretched just a little bit, and that we are able to give what we give joyfully. Giving is a grace and blessing and joy. Giving is intended to lift us up, not create in us anxiousness. As the Apostle Paul writes, “Each of you must give as you have made up your mind, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.” (II Corinthians 9:7) So a good question to consider is this: What level of giving invites me to trust God a little more, and is such that I can give with a joyful and grateful heart?

Can I give without pledging?
Yes. We recognize that for various reasons, some of us don’t care to make a pledge. We would rather simply give. That’s no problem. Pledging is a grace to the community, and we hope that, ultimately, we find pledging to be a helpful spiritual practice. But it’s not a requirement for community life.

Who sees my pledge?
Only our treasurer, for the purpose of recording them.

Are there other ways to give besides giving money?
Yes! There are lots of ways to serve in our common life. One can help with Sunday worship; children’s and youth ministry; acts of service. We also are grateful for those who share their gifts of administration, financial planning, and technology. Click here for our pledging page, where you can indicate your interest in serving with the ECC community.

Can I give online or setup automatic giving?

Visit: https://onrealm.org/ChurchtheCrossLakeTravis/Giving/OnlineGiving to set up a one time or recurring offering. Please email office@ecclt.org with any questions.