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NOTE: We are Worshiping this Sunday, May 16th, virtually on Zoom
Due to the high risk of inclement weather tomorrow, we will be worshiping virtually this Sunday. Feel free to email me at or contact me by call or text at 512-695-2803 if you have any questions.

Click here for this week’s Worship Bulletin.

Stay tuned for our next gathering in-person at 9:30 AM at Star Hill Ranch, located at 15000 Hamilton Pool Road. Worship will also be streamed on Facebook Live at As we re-gather, we ask one another to keep to the protocols and practice listed below.

Directions to Star Hill Ranch

Thanks, friends; and blessings to you this day. Feel free to email me at or contact me by call or text at 512-695-2803 if you have any questions.

~ Paul

Worship Guidelines for this Sunday
Star Hill Ranch

  • If you do not feel well or are showing symptoms of COVID-19 please enjoy worship from home. We will be streaming on Facebook Live starting at 9:20 AM at If you do not see the livestream at first, try refreshing the page. It should appear near the top of the “Posts” feed. You do not need a Facebook account to watch the livestream.
  • Bring and wear a mask. Wearing a mask is a way we can love and protect the wellbeing of our neighbor. So for the sake of our own health, and the health of those around us, please bring and wear a mask. And please put it on before you get out of the car. Since we are outside and will be observing 6+ feet of distance between households, you can take your mask off briefly for a sip of water and to receive the Sacrament, but otherwise please keep it on.
  • Dress comfortably.
  • Bring a chair. There are no seats where we’ll be gathering, so please bring your own chair.
  • Bring a hat just incase you are seated in a sunny area. You may also want to bring some sunscreen and bugspray. We’ll have water bottles available, and activity bags for the kids.
  • Arrive a few minutes early. With our new safety protocols, it will take a few minutes for everyone to get seated, so if you can arrive early that would be great!
  • If there is rain, we will still be outside. So, if it looks like it could be wet, come prepared!
  • There will be access to restrooms that require ascending a few steps and walking about 20 yards from the worship area.
  • We want to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to receive from the table.  If you are more comfortable receiving communion at home, just let us know at  We’ll gladly share in the table in your backyard, or front yard, or wherever works best for you!