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We’re re-gathering for worship this Sunday at 9:30 AM at Star Hill Ranch, located at 15000 Hamilton Pool Road. Worship will also be streamed on Facebook Live at As we re-gather, we ask one another to keep to the protocols and practice listed below.

Directions to Star Hill Ranch

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Thanks, friends; and blessings to you this day.. Feel free to email me at or contact me by call or text at 512-695-2803 if you have any questions.

~ Paul

Worship this Sunday
Star Hill Ranch

  • If you do not feel well or are showing symptoms of COVID-19 please enjoy worship from home. We will be streaming on Facebook Live starting at 9:20 AM at If you do not see the livestream at first, try refreshing the page. It should appear near the top of the “Posts” feed. You do not need a Facebook account to watch the livestream.
  • Bring and wear a mask. Wearing a mask is a way we can love and protect the wellbeing of our neighbor. So for the sake of our own health, and the health of those around us, please bring and wear a mask. And please put it on before you get out of the car. Since we are outside and will be observing 6+ feet of distance between households, you can take your mask off briefly for a sip of water and to receive the Sacrament, but otherwise please keep it on.
  • Dress comfortably. We are outside. It’s summertime in Texas. It could be hot!
  • Bring a chair. There are no seats where we’ll be gathering, so please bring your own chair.
  • Bring a hat. The area is mostly under the trees, but there’s a chance one could end up sitting in the sun. You may also want to bring some sunscreen and bugspray. We’ll have water bottles available.
  • Arrive a few minutes early. With our new safety protocols, it will take a few minutes for everyone to get seated, so if you can arrive early that would be great!
  • If there is rain, we will still be outside. So, if it looks like it could be wet, come prepared!
  • There will be access to restrooms that require ascending a few steps and walking about 20 yards from the worship area.