Worship Survey

Dear Friends,

Since the end of August, we have been gathering for worship at Star Hill Ranch. We are mighty grateful for the hospitality of our friends at Star Hill!

Given that colder weather is coming, we are considering how to gather for worship in December, January, and possibly February. We believe there are two viable options. We would like to hear our thoughts on these options.

Please kindly take a few minutes to respond to a few questions. You may respond “in favor” or “not in favor” to each question. You can be in favor of both options!

We would appreciate your responses by Thursday, October 29th.

Thank you; and I bid you God’s grace and peace.

  • Options for worship in December, January, and February:
  • Option One:

    Continue what we’re doing, gathering at Star Hill Ranch at 9:30 on Sunday mornings for worship and streaming live on Facebook. Dress warm. No change from how we are currently gathering.

  • Option Two:
    We would have two opportunities for Sunday worship.

    Opportunity 1: We gather for worship at 9:30 AM on Sunday morning via Zoom as we did from the middle of March through the end of August. This is a service of morning prayer.

    Opportunity 2: at 4:00 PM on Sunday afternoon, we gather outside at Star Hill Ranch for a simple, in-person celebration of the Holy Eucharist, weather permitting.

  • Christmas Eve Worship:

    We will be gathering outside (location TBA) at 4:00 PM on December 24 to keep Christmas.

    We are also considering a candlelit, acoustic Christmas Eve celebration at 9:00 PM, also to be held outside.

  • Worship Ministry Participation:

    We are able to worship together because of our common ministry, and we could use more hands involved in these ministries! Please let us know if you would be willing to serve in any of these areas. Folks are generally scheduled to serve every three to six weeks, depending on the ministry.

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