Worship with Church of the Cross
Sundays at 9:30AM at Bee Cave Elementary School
14300 Hamilton Pool Road

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Weekly Worship Information

Join the ECC at 9:30a on Sunday for our Weekly Worship Service. We will be gathering in the cafeteria at Bee Cave Elementary School; 14300 Hamilton Pool Road in Bee Cave.

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What To Expect

Church of the Cross is a brand new people! We are grateful to a good God for giving us life. We are very new, and very excited about the future a good God has in store!

We invite you to worship with Church of the Cross sometime soon. We realize it’s not always very easy walking into a church community for the first time. We hope what’s here helps you to be at ease.

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Come Along …

Our God is a God of great and eternal possibilities. Every day, the Lord gives life and makes new. Today is a great day, and it is a beautiful future that God has in mind for our communities and neighborhoods. To help that future come forth is why Church of the Cross is here.

Church of the Cross is a new community of seekers of all ages created by God to help us all know deeply the hope, and grace, and beauty, and joy, and mercy, and love God promises and delivers; and that always, God is seeking us.

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The Episcopal Church of the Cross is a new community that exists to live and share the love of Jesus.

We are the ECC
Loving God and Our Neighbors

Worshiping every Sunday at 9:30 AM at Bee Cave Elementary Cafeteria. Professional and trained child-care available at every worship service.

Join Us For Worship

Church of the Cross
Currently Meeting At
Bee Cave Elementary Cafeteria
14300 Hamilton Pool Rd.
Bee Cave, TX 78738