Our God is a God of great and eternal possibilities. Every day, the Lord gives life and makes new. Today is a great day, and it is a beautiful future that God has in mind for our communities and neighborhoods. To help that future come forth is why Church of the Cross is here.

Church of the Cross is a new community of seekers of all ages created by God to help us all know deeply the hope, and grace, and beauty, and joy, and mercy, and love God promises and delivers; and that always, God is seeking us.

We invite you to come along on the journey.
There is space for you at the table.

Church of the Cross gathers for worship and children’s ministry every Sunday at 9:30 AM at 18101 W. Highway 71, Suite 120 Austin, TX. 78738. Come casual! Professional nursery care is provided for children four and under.

To be in touch with our pastor, Paul Johnson, click here or text or call him at 512-695-2803.

What We Believe

Church of the Cross honors the ancient statements of faith found in the Apostles’ and Nicene Creeds, both found in the Book of Common Prayer. The faithful have held the words of these creeds close for centuries. These are community statements of faith, and contain in their words the witness of the scriptures.

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What We Practice

The Episcopal Church of the Cross follows the Way of Love. As Michael Curry, the Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church, has said “The Way of Jesus is the Way of Love, and the Way of Love can change the world.” The Way of Love is a set of seven spiritual practices by which we can stay in the path of God, and be taken along by God’s Spirit.

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